It Isn’t Such A Bad Bad World and I Say…

So finally trying to get back into the swing of things when it comes to having photography back in my life. I was majorly slacking as of the past year with my shoots being few and far between, which is really kind of sad :0{ Anywhoo I was planning to do a photoshoot with my sister this past weekend, and have her good friend Karly do her hair and make up, but plans got changed a bit and instead I pushed forward my idea with my biffer’s younger sister, Alex! XD It was a little disasterous on my part because I wasn’t totally prepared on how I wanted to poise her and such, but she actually was a huge help doing her own thang XD and I think it helped the concept?! You guys can be the judge of that! My main idea was that there is beauty in everything. Those places that you overlook, because in the world’s eyes, its run down or not their definition of beautiful. Well here, Alex is the beauty, vibrance, and fun you can find in everything, even if it doesn’t seem like its there in the beginning! XD Hope you enjoy these, as much as we did! Oh and Karly Cicchino still was a part of our day! The fun and funky make up is to her credit! ENJOY! XD

Fighting the balloons…who will win?!

Awww poooo! I cut off her feet, but her face was just too cute!

You will do as I say!!!!

And I got flair! ^_^

Some close ups of Alex’s funky make by Karly Cicchino ^_^ ❤

More to come soon!


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