The Wee Gingercube Fuentlombo :D

I have been friends with Michelle for 10 years now and we have made it through college, pledged a sorority together, entered into the real world and stayed friends through out it all! I was there when Michelle got engaged to Josh, who is wonderful, but maybe I am partial because he is a ginger like me?! haha Just kiddding! but anyway getting back to the story at hand. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding, I was there for their “we are having a gingercube” news and now Nolan is finally here! So we had a little photography fun with him when I came to visit! But for a little while he was not having any of our nonsense of being all up in his face snapping pics, but when he was ready he took some cutie pie photos! 😀 He is so tiny I could just squeeze him to bits! Enjoy!


A few photos of his nursery XD

I can’t say I agree…but hey who am I to judge?! ;D

And the Baby Shower gift that came a billion months late with a little touch of Netters 😀


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