After Glow…..

Today I went out with Jackie, my boyfriend’s younger sister, and had some photography fun 😀 !  Jackie has faboosh curly brown hair, and I had this vision of putting her in my bridesmaid dress & earrings from Agnes’ wedding, because I had this greek gooddessy theme for Jackie, from like months ago! Well I finally got it together and asked Jackie if she was game to model for me, she said yes, and out we went this weekend! It’s quite amazing that I am posting the pictures on my blog, all up to date & like the day of that I took the pictures….I haven’t done something like this in uber long! Jackie did a great job in the cold weather, trekking through thorny wooded areas and hay-ie, muddy, and dangerous sides of highways! I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did taking and editing them! Hopefully I didn’t scare Jackie away because she did a great job modeling for me!  Sláinte!

Laughing at my photographing face XD

Getting it back together 😀


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