Happy Happy Happy Second Anniversary! :D

I had the pleasure of photographing Pink Comb Salon’s Second Anniversary. I have known the owner Michelle Loconte for over two years now and I am so proud and happy for everything that she has accomplished with her career and salon. I was lucky enough to photograph the first anniversary party….which was awesome, so having the opportunity to be there again for the second anniversary was even more fabulous! If you look back at last year’s party you will see how much the salon and the party itself has evolved! Michelle has a wonderful staff, atmosphere and work ethic, and it shows….just look for yourself! Congrats to Michelle and Pink Comb Salon on all your accomplishments….here’s to many more! Enjoy!

Edible Cookie Dough Balls….No Salmonelle like mommy always says!

You know you want the privilege to walk the Pink Carpet! 😀

Pink Candy Bar…so pretty you don’t even want to eat it

Awwww lil pink comb’s….also too cute to eat!

More Party Fun to come….stay tuned 😀


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