.A Whirlwhind of Weather Changes.

Today I spent the day with a model from the past ;0) I owed Alannah a re-do on her head shots and I needed more practice with my photo fun! And let me tell you trying to do head shots are really hard…its like who would have thunk it?! It’s just a photo of someones face?! But let me tell you, I haven’t mastered the art yet, you are really up close and personal, and trying to make the other person feel comfortable, so they get their best shot. Well maybe you wouldn’t  be so close up if you had a lense that allowed you to zoom in like you were right up in their face…but for the time being I actually had to stand inches from her face! Here are some of my faves so far and I will probably send a few out so we can get rid of some of those stray hairs that the wind was blowing in her face today ;0)!






So when we first set out it was blazing hot and as we were were doing the head shots it started to get super windy, then when Alannah did her outfit change the black clouds started to roll in.  We thought we were doomed and that it would pour, but it turned out to only be a few drops and the clouds blew out as fast as they blew in, and the sun was gracing us once again for a fabulous day! Holy run on sentence Batman! Oh well! You get the point! I had a lot of fun with these shots, and Alannah is really great, she was so easy going and up for anything, and looked smokin hot in her corset….Ohhh La La! Totally reminded me of Moulin Rouge! And just in case you don’t notice….we were totally having a VA VA VOOM RED DAY!

















Part Deux to follow shortly!………………………………………….


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