Christmas Time is My Fave Time of the Year

I love this time of the year…I only wish I was able to get 2 weeks off like I did as a child! You really do take that for granted! Anywhoo…I didn’t get to decorate as much as I normally do because my new lil addition, actually he’s kind of huge, but he couldnt handle all the temptation to put things in his mouth…so this year I only had lights and a star on the tree….Milo even struggled with this, but I am sure if we had balls on the tree, and other Christmas decorations around the house, it would have been worse! I am glad I still had the Christmas tree glow though….nothing beats that! Hopefully next year Milo will be better behaved! But here is a picture of the tree I would like to share…I did sneak some tinsel on the tree for the shot, but that was not up the whole time I had my tree up! Hope you got as many goodies as my family and I got this Christmas! Enjoy!

415matteAnd I had a little HDR fun with the tree too…Can you tell the difference?


I also took a few shots of my parent’s christmas tree, I really loved christmas at that house! My mom puts candles in all the windows, so for a whole month I would stay up late reading books, especially my American Girl Books. I really miss that! Also when my Dad did put up the lights on the outside of the house, last year was the last Christmas he was able to, it looked like a gingerbread house! I really wish I got that on camera because nothing else could beat it! I have a tear in my eye just thinking about how awesome it was, and now its just not the same! ;0[ I hope you enjoy these pics and get a sense of what I just shared with you! Enjoy!



My Younger Sister Brittany and my Cousins Charles & Daniel…Can you believe she is the oldest of the three?!


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