A Surprisingly Warm December Sunday!


Today I spent the day with Alannah, I wanted her to do some fun modeling and she was in need of some head shots for her theater splendid-ness! I had a lot of fun today and I think we were able to get a lot of cool shots! It was so warm for a day in December…I wish it was this warm yesterday for Elizabeth and Frankie!  Alannah was a great model and she totally captured the vision for my fun photography day! She was really such a trooper, because I carted her rump to 4 different locations and one of them included her standing on the side of the highway, beggin for a ride?! I am surprised she didn’t wallop me by the end of the day, because even though it was pretty warm out today I had her by the water, which causes extra breezy-ness and also had her in a thin dress! Her head shots aren’t exactly what either one of us envisioned, so I think I will have to do a re-do with her, so I can fulfill my end of the bargain! But I still think we were able to get a few great shots out of that location! Tell me what you think….and also I love putting song quotes, or any quotes for that matter in the pictures, so if you have any ideas for any of the pictures below…leave me a comment & maybe one of your ideas will make into one of the photos! How Cool?! Enjoy!










For this location I had a concept and it might be a corny one, but I thought it worked out well! I had a few more poses for the “In” concept… here are 2 out of 3″ for now.  I will probably share the other pose in a later post. I only did one pose for the “Out” concept, and thinking about it now, I am thinking of more…so I could kick myself for not thinking of them at the time…but it is what it is..and either way Alannah was killin it today!217lomohdrorton1











I love putting the pictures to music! Enjoy!

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 4/28/09


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