My First Blog! Wuuu Wuu!

Hello All! This is my very first blog and I am pretty excited! I have recently started to take up photography. It is always something I have been interested in at a novelty level, but nothing I really thought about pursuing on a more professional level. As of now I am not sure if that will be the direction this new hobby will take me in, but I am open to where ever it does take me. I started off by taking a lesson with Anne Constance on the basics of using a SLR Digital Camera and what it takes to get a great picture! I really enjoyed it and it made me excited about taking more pictures! I decided to purchase a SLR camera, with the help of Anne to pick out a good starter SLR, and practice all that I have learned! And let me tell you its a lot harder than it sounds to take a manual picture and get the right lighting or know how to take a great picture even if the picture isn’t perfect when it comes to lighting, angle, blurring or having lots of noise.
As I said earlier with Anne’s recommendation I ended up purchasing a Canon Rebel XSi….take a look at this beauty…..

Well enough talk for now….here are some pictures I took the day that I got my camera…and let me say I had some fine subjects!

Can we just say he is a total munch?!

Trust me he isn’t as innocent as he looks!
This picture truly shows you the goofball psycho he is!

I cannot go without taking some pics of Kitty!

She was definitely the better of the two models ;0}

And the last subject of the night is my dining room chandelier

This is much harder than it looks!

And that’s all for now…here’s to more practicing! Hope you enjoyed!
Keep your dream’s big…and take the risks to make them happen!


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