My Best Friend is a Mommy! Yaaaay!

Lilliana Kate was born on November 14, 2008 and now my best friend Jamie and her hubby Sergio are proud parents! YAY! The day after Lily was born, I went to visit the happy family at the hospital, and it was truly amazing to see them with their new addition! Grandma B, Jamie’s uncle, and some of our college buddies were there as well! It truly was an event to share some of my fave pics with you! Enjoy and if these pics don’t make you want a baby of your own then I don’t know what will!?

Daddy and his Lil Peanut!

Our friend Allyce with Lil Lily!
Daddy watching on as Allyce holds his Lil Princess!

The pretty flowers that everyone brought!

Mommy getting into bed!

Mommy with her Lil Lily!

The happy family!

I really love this picture, I find it is full of the emotion Jamie was feeling right then…don’t you!?
Grandma B Fixing Lily’s Diaper!

Lily Making a Funny Face! :0}

I love these next two photos of Allyce and Wes, and Jay looking over at Lily:0}

Grandma B showing off her new lil granddaughter…I also love this picture with Mommy & Daddy in the background!

Up Close & Personal

And my last two fave of the day!

And here is a slide show I made of all the pictures I took that day! Turn up the volume on your computer because there is music!

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 11/15/08


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