Had A Happy Turkey Day!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we had it at my Rent’s house this year! Milo even joined us, and although his behavior wasn’t steller, he gets a C+ in my book for his puppy behavior! He at least got some blessed bread…so that has to be good for something! The food was Yummers, we had a good time around, and I think we were at least thankful for one thing ;0}

Poppakins doing a great job carving the turkey!


I get distracted by shiny things even if it is just serving silverware!

I really love this Table Cloth! Yay for Sample Sales!

Our Table before the food came out!

Milo trying to steal some left over Turkey>:0

Brittany looking so thrilled to be there!

I don’t know why but I really love this thing…especially with the candles!

Milo being good for a little while on his first Forfar Thanksgiving!

The bathroom we decided to redo 2 weeks before the wedding! :0

There were way too involved playing Left 4 Dead!

Grams laughing at Mommakins Speedy Food Shopping Skills!

Milo is getting in Poppakins way…uh oh!

I personally hate Cranberry Sauce…but it looks so pretty and scrumptious there!

Mmmm Cider…can’t have Turkey Day with out it!

Poppakins could not wait for the whole table to be set so I could get some pics with out anyone at the table….He was hungers!

The most yummiest stuffing EV-ER!

Mmmm Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Pie and Homemade Whip Cream!

Doesn’t it look so pretty and yummy?!


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